What do your favourite comic heroes eat?

What do our favourite characters eat? Quite frankly how do we even know they eat at all? Okay so Batman and Black Widow or other pretty “regular” humans have to eat, that’s a fact. But what about the other-wordly or genetically altered ones like Superman, Thor, Hulk, Flash and all their buddies? Surely sunshine and fresh space air can’t be enough to compensate all that bad-guy-fighting calorie burning!

Let’s speculate about what a few of our hero friends live on, and find out how we too, could eat like superheroes! Super powers and genetic mutations optional.


Obviously behind Batman there’s Bruce Wayne, multimillionaire born with a silver, gold, platinum spoon in his mouth, used to nice things usually delivered on a silver plater (wink wink, Alfred). It’s hard to imagine him stuffing his face with cheap junk food. We’d rather suspect him of gulping down litres of protein shakes and not much else, unless he’s dining at the finest restaurant in town. Probably on his own. Or he probably had that restaurant rebuilt just for him in the batcave. Who knows, the guy’s full of mysteries. In any case, if you want to eat like the Bat, make sure you get your dose of protein. I hear Caviar is a good source.


We’re not too sure here. First, as a good broke New-Yorker, he has to know his way around fast and cheap food in the Big Apple – hot dogs and gooey pizza. But we’d also imagine him coming home to a simple nice little meal or sweet tart lovingly baked my Aunt May. So to channel you inner spider-man, get some New-York style hot dogs with some mustard and call up your grandma: you’ll need some home-baked goodies.

The Ninja Turtles

Now this one we’re sure of! We all know turtles, I mean, Ninja Turtles are fuelled by a not-so-healthy dose of pizza. You’d think kung-fu fighting Bruce Lee turtles would need a bit more variety in their food, but hey, they’re probably so full of radiations they can’t taste anything else but yummy pizza, and they somehow manage to turn the lot into big fat muscle mass. Eating like our friendly Teenage Mutants shouldn’t be too difficult – who would refuse endless supplies of pizza? Avoid the weird stuff from the sewers though, and maybe make your own pizza for extra fun and taste! You can find some ready made base; just smother on some Dolmio Bolognese sauce for that authentic Italian juicy tomato taste, and top with a good quantity of cheese and any other toppings. Bake, and tadaa! Feel yourself turn green and hunched.

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The Hulk

Speaking of green. No doubt all those rage fits must starve Bruce Banner. Surely being a multi-ton monstruous nuisance who demolishes everything in its way has to build up an apetite. You won’t spot the big guy slurping on a detox juice in some post vegan place full of yogis that’s for sure. Rather, you’d see him someplace that caters for big fat apetites. If he hasn’t trashed the place and raided the kitchen already. Yup, if you’re going on a Hulk date make sure to pick a place with friendly waiters and nothing too precious. Just to make sure. Try an Argentinian steakhouse or a Spanish canteen with those big hams on display.


There’s a nice Kansas geek, a good boy who loves his parents and grew up on a farm. He’s respectful and caring and you’d imagine him lighting up a barbecue with his laser eyes to share some nice grilled ribs with his loved ones. You know, when he’s not out flying and feeding off of sun rays or however it is he survives up there. For the good boy Superman vibe, fire up a barbecue, open some beers and sit on the porch chatting to your old man. Or go to a steakhouse. Just make sure Bruce Banner isn’t there that day, the man can ruin dinner for everyone.

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