Swiss Comic Con

If you were hoping to make the trip to Switzerland for some Comic Con action this year you will be disappointed. Fantasy Basel took place from the 5th to the 7th of May but don’t worry, you can whet your appetite for next years event which has been announced for the weekend of May 25th to 27th 2017.


This years Fantasy Basel saw stars from around the world meet with the fans who, some in Cosplay, flocked in their thousands for a weekend of pop culture bliss.

Among some of the Stars that were present were Kevin Sussman, famous for his role as Stuart in The Big Bang Theory. Kristian Nairn whose portrayal of Game of Thrones Hodor and his presence as a DJ on the club scene has earned him fans around the world  for different reasons. The Walking Dead’s Chris Twellman also made an appearence for the zombie fans. Other guests included stars from the world of Cosplay as well as those with a pedigree of working on comic books for the likes of Marvel and DC and films with Disney, Dreamwork and Warner.


It was also a great opportunity for fans to pick up some exclusive and collectible official merchandise as well as have a good search through the dealers stalls for some great products.

One of the biggest draws among the exhibitions was the display of a replica Star Wars Tie Fighter and speeder bike, We all know how crazy those Star Wars fans can get so it was no surprise that this was one of the most popular exhibits.


If you are planning to travel to Switzerland next year there are a few things that you might want to look out for and limiting yourself to just Basel might be a little short sighted.

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